The ferret has been let out of the bag now.

Welcome to the placeholder for Ferrets Vs. Lemmings, the sequel to the Kenny Chronicles. Please subscribe to the rss feed(Kenny Chronicles subscribers don’t need to subscribe, that feed will be updated automatically) to get updates sent to your favorite rss reader. You may notice that the rss feed doesn’t display this entry. That’s because I’ll be posting previews and bonus features at Kenny Chronicles until this comic starts. When the comic starts, the feeds will automatically start grabbing from this site.

Email subscription also available! Just use the subscribe box in the sidebar on the right. This won’t email anything until January(except maybe some test posts and of course the confirmation email), since it’s connected to this site directly. This works much better than Feedburner’s(the service that enhances the rss feed’s capabilities) email subscription, since the email is sent as soon as the post is made.

The website design WILL change. Time spent on a redesign is a reason I’m taking all of December off(excluding blog posts). Other reasons for taking December off include a set redesign & the fact that December is uber-hectic.

Thank you for visiting Ferrets Vs. Lemmings.