You can now select your language from the side bar and the entire site will be automatically translated. This isn’t JUST Google Translations, though. Anybody can correct translations by clicking the check box below the translation box that says “edit”, then click on the tiny icon next to the phrase that needs correcting.

The comic itself will not be translated, but a transcription of it will be translated. When I was making a new image for the Spanish translation of Kenny Chronicles(Las Crónicas de Kenny), it added 20-60 minutes of work each time. That’s too much. Especially with how few readers it had. Even worse, though, is that my translations were lousy. I hated having to open Photoshop again to change something, then uploading it again. I had to upload some comics more than 2 times because of corrections. A few years ago, somebody sent me a lot of corrections and I still have 34 messages that I haven’t read from that batch. Now, a native speaker can easily make the correction directly.

I was originally going to require people to have an account here before they can edit, but I’m going to experiment with anonymous translation. This will encourage more corrections. I don’t know how susceptible this plugin is to machines making edits, so we’ll just have to wait and see. Until it becomes a problem, I’ll have a larger amount of corrections from the beginning. I’ll also have a larger amount of people already accustomed to making edits, so they’d be more willing to sign up to continue helping.

Just click on “Click here for transcript” below the comic for the transcript.