Maybe Jenny will be tired from all of that and fall asleep easily.

I see that most of you(very likely ALL of you) saw Scythee as a pet in the previous comic. There were comments on all 3 sites I post it to that indicated that. Truth is, I intended for Scythee to be mistaken for a random skunk walking in a door that was accidentally left open, and then I’d pull the surprise in this comic revealing that this wild animal is actually a pet. I guess having the skunk inside the house AND on an island with no native wildlife(living) removes any inkling of it being a wild animal. Oh well, it was still fun revealing Death’s pet skunk.
I got the idea after I drew Death feeding a skunk in a Kenny Chronicles comic and thought that they would make a great match. I also remembered hearing about how great pets skunks are, as long as you remove their scent glands(rare chance they’d use them anyway, but just in case) and do ALL of the research first. Skythee is not the skunk Death was feeding during the failed mugging, btw.

The year is 2132

May: Well, I should go home and find some sleep. Stop by the office tomorrow, please? It’s boring.
Oh, and your daughter is terrorizing Scythee again. She’s your responsibility now.
Kenny: Jenny! Put the skunk of your mother down now or she’ll kill you!
Jenny: No. she won’t!
Ha ha ha!!!