What technologies am I leaving out of Ferrets Vs Lemmings and Kenny Chronicles that are likely to exist in 2132? (yes, it used to say 2125, I’ve been using the wrong year since the comic started and I’ll be fixing that soon)

Seriously, I don’t think I’m thinking forward enough. They can put holograms anywhere(I don’t use that often enough), send power wirelessly, and they can fly. Is that ALL?
Don’t worry about saying anything that actually is already in the comic, I’ll understand if you haven’t read all the comics or forgot about something long ago. Here’s a quick run-down of answers to some potential comments:

They aren’t in space simply because they’re not in space. Humans will be on Mars and the asteroid belt by then. They’ll even be going faster than light! We’ll be able to vacation in space, but I don’t know if my characters will.

They use traditional guns because they’re practical, unlike various sci-fi standards(shoot lasers at the guy with the shiny buttons, I dare ya!). I might still create a gun that uses a currently un-predicted technology just so I have free reign over what it can do.

In 2125, “gray goo” is a powerful technology that uses nanobots to form any shape needed, and can form into a house in minutes… but one hacker can crush everybody inside. That’s why nobody uses it in the comic. Kenny’s robot uses a similar technology, but it’s less versatile. If something can take control of the robot’s arms, that thing would be more effective either shocking the victim directly or commanding the robot to ram them.

I’m hoping to give them flying vehicles & a submarine, but I have to design them first & have a reason to use them. Designing the royal futuristic aircrafts won’t be easy.

I know of invisibility cloaks, but I’m not sure what form they will take. Maybe I can just make it a cloak, but what about the floor underneath? It might be used mostly for flying things. Currently, cloak-type invisibility devices are only invisible from one angle because it’s just displaying an image of the other side. It’s possible we could bend light around an object, but it couldn’t be touching the ground or else you’ll get obvious distortion. I think that super-heated air method works from all directions, but in addition to the distortion, you’d cause fires. Also, heat-seeking rockets are headed straight at you.

SO, what upcoming technology haven’t I shown?