Do you want this potentially-deadly shot of serum injected into you anyway, Damien?

Also, I’ve apparently been putting the wrong year at the top of these comics, because Kenny was 14 in that year & the last Kenny Chronicles comics happened in 2129. Ferrets Versus Lemmings is actually taking place in 2132 and Kenny is 21 years old. I have NO idea how I got 2125. I also don’t know how soon I’ll get them corrected on this site.

The year is 2132, not 2125. All previous claims of 2125 were utterly incorrect & will be flogged until they change.

We have two announcements
to make today.

First: We will begin dangerous experiments on prisoners convicted of murder, so that they can still benefit the public in some way.

The second announcement is of the wrongful murder conviction of damien claude cat. We’ve decided that he couldn’t possibly have slashed that guy’s throat.
Guy: And the third announcement is that experimentation on prisoners is cancelled.