The Kennyland theme park on Second Life is back and renovated! Now located in Furnation Alpha between the mall and the sandbox. (Second Life is an online 3D world, like a video game but not)

The old Kennyland was themed to the Kenny Chronicles comic & it was beyond time to re-theme it for Ferrets Vs Lemmings. Since I didn’t want to make a grand re-appearance with the exact same out-of-date layout as before, I decided to go ahead with the remodel, even if I don’t have all of the new attractions ready yet.

The swimming pool is now a beach that’s styled like the beach on Ook Island. It’s more space-efficient, prim-efficient(resource-efficient), and BIGGER than the old pool with more floating stuff. I’ve removed the Comic Coaster because it was the most out-of-date attraction there, featuring a story arc from October 2009, before I started using 3D backgrounds at the end of November 2009. It stopped being a good representation of the comic at that point. I have a roller coaster in mind to replace it with, but there’s a lot of programming to do on the ride, and it requires a large area of Ook Island to be fully built(scenery for a portion of the ride), so I’m simply aiming for “by the end of the year” for that.

The dodgeballs will be back when I’ve re-themed that area to not be about Funky Skunk. I don’t know where I’ll put it yet, anyway. Could be right above, could be underground, could be in a skybox you have to teleport to. Each has its own challenges and advantages.

I have some other things in mind, but I’ll mention them as I finish them. Right now, the park is finally ready to be visited. If you have Second Life(free to join, chat, roam around), you can visit the new Kennyland by clicking here.