Uploaded by Rob Paulsen himself!
Second video also gives a little background on the recording of these cartoon songs.

Rob Paulsen sings "Yakko's World"…again.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Rob Paulsen performs "Yakko's Universe"

Watch this video on YouTube.

(audio/video sync is a bit off, but it’s still great to watch)

ALSO, if you’ll be around Hollywood this Friday, July 27th, Rob Paulsen will be singing Animaniacs songs at the John Lovitz Comedy Club! More info at thejonlovitzcomedyclub.com! Later, you’ll be able to download the audio of this performance at RobPaulsenLive.com. Rob has a great podcast there, where he chats with the BEST voice actors in Hollywood(He’s still trying to con Frank Welker into doing an episode). Maurice LaMarche(The Brain) and Jess Harnell(Wakko) are some of the most notable, in my opinion, but you might have some you consider more notable, like Tara Strong(Twilight Sparkle), for instance. Great interviews.