At the beginning of 2013, I’m starting a new comic called “Ferret Williams“, starring a ferret-sized ferret. The Halloween comic was a quickly-drawn preview, and prototype, of what the comic will be like. It’ll be black and white, hand-drawn, and unlike Ferrets Versus Lemmings, will be able to muse about a much wider variety of things, including games that nobody will be talking about 120 years from now. The shorter production time will allow some updates to be ANIMATED CARTOONS! I’ve been wanting to do these for a while, but these comics simply take up too much of my time. And that leads me to this very website…

Ferrets Versus Lemmings is NOT going away. Completely. Also, there are 5 more comics remaining before any changes. On January 1st, the site will be renamed, rebranded, and will redirect to, which currently goes to my Tumblr account. All subscriptions will stay intact. The Kenny/Guy/Death/etc. comics will be limited to special storylines, most likely posted IN FULL. This will allow me to script the entire story before I even start building the 3D models, and organize my time more efficiently. I’m working on 2 stories already, but I can’t put much time toward them if I’m too busy with the current comics. I also don’t want to start the storylines without knowing the rest of the story first.

This storyline will end on November 19th, the Monday before Thanksgiving in the United States. Every Thanksgiving, I put the comic into what I call “half-hibernation” for the rest of the year, where I only update the comic on Mondays, instead of twice per week. However, this year I’m putting the comic on FULL hibernation for the Christmas season. I need the extra time to prepare the new comic and website! More importantly… I NEED TO REPAIR MY SLEEP SCHEDULE! You have definitely noticed my problems with updating recently. This comic is not good for my health if I do it twice per week. I simply don’t sleep at night. I CAN’T sleep at night! This also complicates my plans to go to the F3 Furry Convention on December 14th or 15th(most likely 15th), since the DAY is packed with lots of great stuff.

During December and the last week of November, I will only post blog posts, sketches, and previews of 3D models. I’ll try to keep a Monday & Thursday schedule. If I have nothing, I’ll try to at least share a YouTube video. There WILL be a comic on December 31st, though. I know exactly what I want to post, and I will not wait until the last minute. It will be a Ferrets Versus Lemmings comic. Ferret Williams will update on Mondays and Thursdays. Animated features will update whenever I finish them.


tl;dr… IN SHORT, this comic will be ending on November 19th, and Ferret Williams will take its place January 1st, but there will still be occasional Kenny, possibly animated.