(Wow, even on hiatus, my posts are late)

I tried to draw ferrets while watching TV, YouTube, and Twitter this morning. The ferrets looked awful and all the distractions only delayed this post, but I got some warm-up before drawing the picture above.

I know I haven’t revealed much about the new comic, so here’s a quick summary: I don’t know yet.

Okay, I know some. The comic will have the same brand of humor as my previous comics, just with a different setting, in modern time, and focus on me as played by a ferret. I will be talking to the camera a lot. If the ferret(me) is most like any character in the previous comics, it would be Kenny(although really they’re all different facets of me), so if you enjoy Kenny, you’ll enjoy the ferret. No, this is not a “Mary Sue” character, either. It’s more like a stand-up comedian talking to the audience or an actor who plays lots of characters who just happen to be the same character(The Marx Brothers, Animaniacs, Jim Carrey). For the animated cartoons with Ferret Williams, I’ve been comparing the setup to Saturday Night Live or MAD TV, although mostly because the animated cartoons will have a few actors playing many characters(3D characters are time-consuming to create, so re-use is necessary). Also because current events will be a large focus in both the comics and the animated shorts.

And now the other thing mentioned in that subject, fan art. I’m hesitant to ask for fan art because it sounds like “LOVE ME!” or “The king demands your offerings”, so I’m just going to say that this would be a good month for it if you were considering it, and I won’t feel bad if you don’t(especially considering how few there are reading this). The blog is kinda bare this month, and any filler I can use would help out. It can be a single picture or a full comic(will be resized to 745 pixels wide to fit blog area if it’s too wide). It must be PG-13 or lower, just like the comic, if you expect it to be posted.