It’s 1:44am as I begin to type this. Took too long to figure out what I wanted to type, but then I thought of the reason why I really really wish I was asleep already: The F3 Furry Convention on Saturday(it’s Friday-Sunday, but I’m just going Saturday) in Springfield, Missouri at the Howard Johnson Inn & Convention Center. On Friday night, I have to get to bed EARLY so I can leave around 7:00 AM(2-hour drive including wrong turns) for a full day of fun stuff. I’m guessing that the brony meetup at 9 will include watching the newest My Little Pony episode, considering that portion happens to overlap with the show’s time(A Rainbow Dash episode!). Never watched the show LIVE and with other fans… well except that one online stream of the One Bad Apple episode where the stream was hacked multiple times(coincidentally by one bad apple). Apparently this happens with popular online streams. I feel like getting cable.

There are also vendors, games, lots of people dressed up as animals, lots of people who draw animals, a rave… all sorts of things related to cartoon animals as well as dressing up as them. I always have fun when I hang out with the furries in Springfield, so a full day with even more furries is hard to refuse.

For more info about the convention and schedule of events, go to