buy-this-on-aGood news! You can now buy ANY Ferret Williams or Ferrets Vs Lemmings comic on a shirt, poster, mug, mousepad AND MORE. Look for the drop-down menu under the last panel of each comic where you can select what you want it printed on. The printed versions are higher resolution, have no ad at the top, and contain no snarky notes about it being late.

As of this moment, I think there might be 1 comic that will give an error. I fixed 3 just in random testing and I think there were 4 with mis-matching dates. I’ll go through all of the comics later to make sure everything’s fixed, but don’t hesitate to alert me to a specific comic so I can get to it more quickly.
Update as of the next day(but typed 6 days later): All comics have been verified to work! A total of 6 comics had to have the date fixed in order to work.

Two more things: Tomorrow’s comic will be ON TIME! That’s right, it’s already finished. Expect it at midnight. Also, I finally added a favicon to the site. A favicon is the icon that represents the website either in the address bar or the tab, depending on your browser. It also represents the site in your favorites/bookmarks. I got tired of my site being the only tabs open on my browser that didn’t have a custom icon, so I made one. Seriously, no other site I frequent has the default “page” icon displayed, they all have a custom icon. Talk about peer pressure.