I actually woke up at 4am on Saturday, and this happened. I eventually decided that I did indeed get enough sleep, so I was able to eat BREAKFAST at 7:30AM! Yes, that meal that people with NORMAL sleep schedules get to enjoy. If you’re not familiar with me, I normally go to bed sometime after daybreak and sleep until around 2-3:00 PM. This is often because of the comic, but it’s also because I tend to still sleep until 2:30 PM no matter when I go to bed, so doing things at night is the only way I can guarantee that I get something done.

I typed out the speech bubbles for this comic before breakfast. After breakfast and a nice morning walk where it raised from 32 degrees to 51 degrees in that one hour(welcome to Missouri), I finished this comic. This comic was uploaded to the website at 1:30 PM TWO DAYS BEFORE the update day, where it shall sit.. waiting… waiting for that glorious midnight when it will actually update ON TIME.

I love being on time, and I know you love me being on time, too. Talking about me being on time, maybe that’s just me that loves that, heh.