Foreign Sound Effects Dictionary (contains 7 languages!)

Did you know I made a foreign sound effects dictionary a long time ago to help with the Spanish version of Kenny Chronicles(Las Crónicas de Kenny)? Not many people know, but a lot of spambots did, and I’ve had to devote a LOT of time to rolling back their edits, including starting completely fresh after they grew my database to 300 MB(shouldn’t even be 1 MB, having maybe 10 pages). I’ve done all I can(well, all I care to do) to prevent spambots from editing that thing, but as of last month, every single language page on the old website contained only spammy gibberish, so tonight I’ve flipped the switch to officially make the copy on Wikia’s website the official copy. If you go to any page on the old address hosted at, it will redirect automatically. The old wiki has been uninstalled(this does not affect the comic, if you were concerned about the address).

I’ve been testing Wikia for 7 months now, and there have been no spambot posts. While it could be attributed to being new, Wikia DOES have actual spam protection and they take care of all security updates. Sweetening the deal even more; their editing system is much easier to use. On my self-hosted version, I liked having it completely in my control and with my own advertising banners(which Google threatened to turn off due to all the spammy pages that the robots added), but sometimes you have to go with what actually works, even if the layout is a little more cluttered.

The dictionary currently has 7 languages, so if you want to know the German word for “Sigh”(“seufz”) or what a monkey says in Japanese(“uki”), go to If you read comics in non-English languages and can contribute some translations, please add some translations! It’s been really bare since it was created and I haven’t made many additions since its first year. I can create pages for more languages if your language isn’t included yet, and even add some translations myself. I have a lot of translations that are still waiting to be put into a language page, but I just haven’t had the time to add more languages.