I finally rented Wreck-It Ralph and watched it TWICE in English and selected parts in Spanish. Great movie with lots of gags for geeks(watch out for that escape pod, Sonic). Speaking of geeks, or similar, if you pause the Blu-Ray you will be treated to some trivia spouted forth by none other than Nerdist’s own Chris Hardwick. It’s awesome to see somebody you only know from podcasts IN A DISNEY FILM. Also speaking of podcasts, Adam Carolla throws his voice in.

The Konami code was entered at one point.

The Metal Gear Solid reference made me laugh, as did many other things.

This movie makes me feel like designing a racing game track.

I took photos of several of the changes made to the Spanish version, too. Yes, photos. It’s hard to hit “Print screen” on a stand-alone Blu-ray player. Really interesting how they actually translate the printed text on things directly in many of their CGI movies. You can see the gallery here.

I'm gonna wreck it!

The line “Well milk my duds” was actually said in the movie.

Less than 12 hours after renting this at Redbox, I got a text message from them with a code for a free rental. Right. Nice timing, there.