Just a late heads-up, I’ve started being a somewhat-regular guest on the ADHDcast, a new podcast put on by an old friend of mine, Dustin Lawson-Hart. In the third episode, he interviewed me about my comics, followed by another friend of ours talking about his current video game project, Age Of Blood. This was recorded before I announced BlendShow, my upcoming presentation software, so just so you know, that’s the secret project we’re talking about at the end of my segment.

You can download that podcast from this page.

The next episode, episode 5, will have a little more discussion about BlendShow and be considerably shorter. Episodes 3 and 4 are pretty long because we’re old friends and don’t get to hang out much anymore, and believe me, there was a LOT cut out for your benefit, heh. I am not on episode 4, nor have I heard it yet, so I won’t pressure you into listening to that one.

ADHDcast doesn’t have an iTunes-compatible rss feed(yet?), and the blog’s rss link isn’t displayed anywhere(yet?), so if you want to subscribe to it, add this url to a blog-friendly rss feed catcher. Update: iTunes-friendly url is this thing.


startIn other news, my backup computer is useless. The hard drive has been clicking, which means it’s close to dying(my main laptop didn’t give ANY warning), and installing an older graphics driver didn’t fix the issue on display in the photo here. The graphics hardware might just be getting old. Lately, the computer has had trouble booting up, so I’m finally giving up on it. I am now down to a shared computer and a Nexus 7. Thankfully, my backed-up data is almost finished downloading to the shared computer. It’s a nice reminder that I really need to also save up for an external hard drive, because online backup is SLOW and my super-fast internet charges extra if I download more than 50 GB in a month, not counting between midnight and 8:00 AM, when I’m limiting my backup restoring to. At least with online backup, it’s extremely automatic and extremely off-site. Both key factors in choosing it.