(Click here to see it loop infinitely)

Here’s a 360° view of Ook Island. I recommend viewing it at the full 1080p size and pausing when you feel like examining an area.

There are several unfinished areas and a few remnants of individual comics: The “Ferrets: Not Worth Your Allegiance”/”Lemmings: USELESS” signs at the end of a ramp(with a light) on the covered port that isn’t below the Lemming capitol, a light on the smaller docks area, the speed detector also by the docks used with the island’s first storyline in 2011(wow, that’s STILL THERE‽), and a towel on the beach.
Converting it for Cycles(Blender’s new render engine) removed all of the textures, but for many of the textures that’s either an improvement, the better shading is a greater trade-off, or they weren’t very visible from this distance anyway.

Uses a public domain recording of ocean waves available at Freesound.org.