I have a few comics I wanted to draw. I have come to the realization that if I ever want comics in December, I have to draw them months in advance because there’s absolutely no way I’m finding the time to draw anything in December. Other years, I cut my comic schedule in half for December. I considered doing that this year, but horrible things happen when you divide by zero.

Since it’s been a month since the last news update, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Mom is recovering from her stroke. The situation still keeps me busy and keeps her from speaking clearly, but she is getting better.
  • I finally got the new dishwasher installed yesterday morning after putting it off until the threat of having family over for Christmas Eve. I stayed up until sunrise because I’m completely inexperienced in dishwasher installation and went to Wal-Mart at 2am for some pipe-cutting tools that I eventually decided I didn’t need. The dishwasher has been constantly catching up with months-old dirty dishes for 24 hours straight. I had been putting it off for so long because I didn’t expect to finish before I would have to go to work or bed or wherever, leaving the dishwasher out in mom’s path for many hours, and I’m at least relieved that my hesitation wasn’t unfounded. It was indeed in the way for several hours.
  • BlendShow(my presentation software) and the church’s Christmas Celebration on December 14-15: The show was successful, but setup was hectic, plans changed, and I didn’t get as much development done as I hoped. The only benefit BlendShow was able to give was flexibility and a few minor effects, but with lots of manual setup and not giving the other volunteer enough practice with it as I continued to make changes, even between the 1st and 2nd show(those last changes were worth it). I need to contribute a fix to a script I used, as well, when I get a spare moment. I should be editing video from the most recent Sunday right now.
  • It was definitely a boost to BlendShow development, but also a time hog and didn’t go as quickly as I had hoped. My goal is still to reach version 1.0 in March so it can be based on Blender 2.70(February) and the last digit of the version numbers can stay in sync(1.1 based on 2.71, 2.0 based on 2.80, 3.0 based on 3.0 because they’re skipping 2.90).
    I intend to write a full report of the latest “live test” on BlendShow.com. When I find time.
  • Comic updates are still “whenever” and BlendShow development is currently higher priority at least through March(the 1.0 goal), probably even later.
  • I have continued to update ICWutUDidThar.com despite being busy, since the site is really just me reposting(with credit, if I can actually find the original) anything I see that makes a person say, “I see what you did there”. Since it’s on Tumblr, a lot of the crediting is built in, though most of the time it was somebody posting something they found without credit. Usually, Google Images and TinEye can’t find the original, just more reposts, so I can’t credit as many as I would like, but I try.
  • You can also keep up with updates on me, this site, the other site, and whatever else I find interesting on Twitter. I’m @ferretwilliams, of course. I post a lot more there.

I’m sure you’re all reading this after Christmas(all the recipients of my Christmas cards are, as well), so in addition to wishing you a merry Christmas, I shall also wish you a happy new year. If you’re quick in reading this, maybe I can also wish you a happy Boxing Day. If you’re late in reading this, I shall wish you a happy-birthday-of-Garrett(January 6) and if you’re REALLY late in reading this, merry Christmas 2014.