It took 6 months. I started on May 6th, 2016 and finished yesterday, November 13th. I can call myself a geek once again, until you find out what else I haven’t watched. I’ve long suspected I’d be a big Doctor Who fan. I could have even passed as a Whovian before watching any episodes with all the info I absorbed since 2005. I’m not sure I knew of it before it came back that year(previous episode was in 1989 w/ a movie in 1996). When I realized that my Amazon Prime subscription gets me ALL of this century’s Doctor Who episodes for free(with Prime subscription, and season 9 wasn’t free until about the time I got to it), I knew I had no excuse to have not watched it. I really got my money’s worth with my Amazon Prime subscription this year.

I’m really glad I chose this year to binge-watch it, because there are no episodes between Christmas 2015 and Christmas 2016. Spoilers tend to trend while the show is active(“I wear fezzes now”), and I’d feel really bad that I can’t watch the episode everybody’s talking about. Of course, catching up sooner would’ve been better. I tried to watch one a day, but I occasionally had to take a break either to prevent burnout or to get stuff done. I feel like I went through each Doctor’s stories too quickly. It feels like David Tennant was the Doctor for just a couple months when in fact it was 3 seasons & some specials that went from 2005-2010.

Now I have no more spoilers to watch out for, and no questions that anybody can answer about future episodes. I am at the same point in the series as every other Whovian with the exception of the classic series that went from 1963-1989, and the 1996 movie. I’ve seen lots of info & video clips from the classic series and the movie(and I watched the entire Weakest Link episode they were on before I even knew who Rose was). I’ll definitely watch classic episodes in the future, but I have no intention of binge-watching them. 26 seasons is too much to ask of anybody. Today I’ll be watching The Power Of The Daleks in the theater. I should probably watch An Unearthly Child before any other classic episode, being the absolute first episode, but when there’s an event with lots of other Doctor Who fans that involves a lost episode that they recently recreated with animation, I have to go to that. My original deadline for finishing was Christmas, which pushed me considerably, but I decided that today would be a better deadline because these fans WILL be talking about the episode I just watched yesterday. I was already on track to finish in time, but it gave me an extra push.

The entire time, I was live-tweeting my experience. Looking back at the tweets, I already don’t remember what I was talking about in some of them, so I now know what some people were thinking as they read them. I’m sure it was a fun recap for some people to see these episodes through the eyes of a new watcher again.

Relive my journey through 9 seasons of Doctor Who via my tweets by clicking here!

There are a few tweets from before I started the binge-watch, and I think it’s really interesting to see what I was saying about the show before I even watched one episode(not many pre-2016 Doctor Who tweets). I recommend holding down the End key on your keyboard to go straight to the bottom(or flip madly on your touchscreen device). Start from the very beginning.

Comic news:

You know you were wondering. The comics will return next year. No exact date until I get a full month’s buffer. My mom has recovered from her stroke enough that I feel confident that I can maintain an update schedule again. I have too many comic ideas waiting to be drawn.