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FerretFerretFur-face Ferret g017ferret faceFerret facesYeah He's Got Food All Over His Face"Go, buddy, GO!"(16/52) I lie in wait for your toes!Ferret Face!Super best friends :)Ferret FaceWakey face...How can you not love this face?KyrjaKyrjaSlink(30/52) Let me sleep some more!(25/52) How'd you get up there?!(22/52) Bathroom Invader...(18/52) Speed Bump...(17/52) Couch Burster..."You going to leave me?"(14/52) "You doin' laundry?"(10/52) Face-off!(7/52) Stein-Size...(4/52) Imposter IIWho needs pillows?...Meet Mordechai !"Bookshelf?! These are monolith!"Algorithms are all the "Rage-Quit""Why you like your stupid amp?!"Dude!...seriously. Turn it down!I dealt a critical!!!!Dream Interruption...Kirby All-Star: Survival Mode"And here I am at a fur-less beach...""How'd you get here?! GET back behind the couch!!""I get big piece...you get small one"You like seafood?"Don't flush the toilet!!!... I'm taking a shower!!!"Whatcha doin' ?soggy Eliza...Yawning ferretWe're a happy familyIMG_3580