One-comic archives are useless… so here’s a sampling of 84 relevant strips/storylines from my previous comic, Kenny Chronicles, so you can know what to expect from Ferrets Vs Lemmings. If this isn’t enough archive for ya, head over to Kenny Chronicles’ New Readers page so you can select a more thorough archive dive. Almost 4 years of archives. Many of the comics have my old Twitter username of @will_yums, btw, so just remember that it’s @ferretwilliams now(or @TheFakeDeath for Death’s imposter). Now, on with the bonus archive(I will not provide translation for these comics, although Spanish readers can start with this page on the old Spanish website)…

Liquid CourageOmens Of DeathMeet Death’s FatherTaking Kenny Shopping


Fetching Bells


Kids Meal Toy


Kangaroo, Rabbit, Lemming…


Eat This Comic




Back To Guy


You Have A Buildup Of Lemming In Your Ear




First Daily Comic This Week


Second Daily Comic This Week


Third Daily Com-OUCH!


Bloody Violence


Back To Kenny


The Moral Of The Gory


Death With A Plush


Today’s Comic Contains A Gross-Out


Midnight Swim




Does It Slice And Dice?


I Don’t Think He Can Read Your Mind


Apparently it’s Muppets Week at Kenny Chronicles?


Vegan, Not Vegetarian


Fuego’s Food Review


Fuego Finally Gets To Use A Steak Knife


Can Haz


Mmmm… Chicken Leg


He’s Seen It All! Okay, Maybe Not All.


Fun With Sleep-Deprived Ferrets


You’re Okay By Me


No Toilet For You!


All-In-All It’s Just Another Holographic Wall


Just Like In The Cartoons!


Is This The Complaint Department?


Meet My Friend!


Meet The Parent




Plans For The Future


Friends And Enemies


Smacked By A Burrito


Into The Night


Radio Cheer Up


When In Doubt…


Your Choice


Red, White And Bruised


Death Is Calling


Other Features Of That Bell


What Is Love?


Baby Don’t Hurt Me




Family Night


Is This The Real World? Am I In It Yet?




Evil Dreams


Owlarm Clock


Cock-a-doodle-doo, Kenny!


Employee Discount


What’s That In The Distance?


About That Island…


Here’s the comic referenced in the above comic, from before I incorporated 3D…



I’m On A BOAT!


Looks Like I Got A Comic Up Anyway




Safe Raiders


Letter To The Scavenger


Something Had To Be Done


Pirates, By The Way


Ammo Gonna Run Out


Did Somebody Say Wolves?


Wolf, I Say!


Some Gore For Your Halloween Pleasure, And Other Interruptions


You Two Need To Be Separated






He Should Have Learned His Lesson By Now


My Old Nemesis…


More Death Threats


Unconscious Fox


Conscious Fox


Let’s Check In On Kenny’s Recovery


The Ultimate Wedding Vows!

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