I overheard the word “hissyfit” used on June 5th 2012 and my first thought was, “I should name a character that!”. My second thought was, “I should make note of when I got that idea”.

And don’t forget, you can edit the menu at Wiki Deli. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the response so far. Some good edits from people who clearly understand what Wiki Deli is all about.



Ferret: Welcome to Wiki Deli. I can take your order-
Customer: I’ll do a number two
Ferret: We don’t number our meals, but I know that frog legs are listed second.

Ferret: Hey, Hissyfit, I need 3 ribbits!
Hissyfit: Stop calling me Hissyfit! That happened once!

Customer: I also need some of those, um…
Ferret: Xiaolongbao?
Customer: Huh?
Ferret: That gesture always means xiaolongbao.

Ferret: Hissyfit! One order of x-bombs!
Hissyfit: My name is Alan! And, coming right up.