Song is “Heart Skips A Beat” by Olly Murs. Nothing special, in my opinion, but it does inspire comics about heart problems.

In other news, the comics will be on a reduced schedule as a result of my hard drive dying, as well as not having enough money in general. Quite simply, they’ll be posted “when they’re done”. I’ll still only post comics on Mondays and Thursdays unless I have a good reason to post a comic on another day, BUT if I don’t have the comic finished before midnight Central Standard Time, there won’t be a post on that day. Quite simply, there will be no late comics, but sometimes there won’t be a comic at all. I’ve posted a blog entry with more details.



Ferret: So come on, spin me around. Now, I don’t wanna go home, because when you hold me like this, you know my heart skips, skips a beat.Doctor: Hmm… you might have a case of cardiac dysrhythmia. I’m going to schedule an appointment for you.