I finally did it. I finally created my very first 3D model of a character. And then I made a second one. There was so much I didn’t know, and some I still don’t know(lots of post work in Photoshop to make up for that).

This is for the Sandra And Woo fanart contest which ends TODAY. There are cash prizes, and I have put in much more work than what the prize is worth, heh. I’ve been in deadline mode all week. This was fun, and I’m so glad I created it. I was going to post this tomorrow, but I really wanted to share it today.

I wanted to make this for last year’s fanart contest, but Ruth was introduced too close to the deadline for me to even consider it. Also I wasn’t experienced enough in 3D modelling. The idea for this poster is “What would a Sandra And Woo movie look like if it was made today? And, if it starred Ruth, who has only been in 2 story arcs so far.”

For those interested, there’s also a desktop wallpaper version of this in 1080p size!

If you aren’t familiar with Sandra & Woo, you’re missing out! Read it at SandraAndWoo.com