Since the Memorial Day commercials are playing right now, I figured it wouldn’t be too early to have a comic about them.

So, where have I been the past month? On a barely usable 5 year old laptop, and occasionally on a powerful laptop that’s usually occupied by somebody else. I simply can’t afford a new computer right now. Therefore, comic updates are going to continue to be sporadic. In fact, since this is a Memorial Day comic, I don’t plan on having a comic update for the next two update days so that I have a relevant comic up through Memorial Day.

ON A POSITIVE NOTE, I’m releasing details about that software I told you I’m working on. Go to for all the details!



TV: We have everything you need for Memorial Day! We’re your one-stop shop.

Ferret: So where is all of your Memorial Day stuff? Are the graveside flowers and tiny flags hidden in the background?
(For those of you outside the United States, Memorial Day is a holiday when we honor soldiers who have died, or just go to the lake.)