Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s safe. Remember that before walking through the poison ivy.

Heroin is indeed derived from poppy seed pods, and becomes morphine partway through the process. That guy sells a lot of all-natural heroin when he can get away with it. He seems perceptive enough to know that the lemming walking toward him is the queen, but not perceptive enough to program his sign very well.

(I’m sorry about the comic being a day late, by the way)

The year is 2132 (on the right-hand side, it says, “0% natural ingredients”)

(The table has the words “Natural remedies”, with “Insert text here” underneath, as if he used a template and didn’t change the other text box.)Death:
Hey, you need to get permission to sell medicines here!Fox: These are just harmless natural remedies, your majesty. I figured after your hurricane…

Willow bark extract? That’s aspirin. We regulate that, y’know.Fox: Well, the government of the ferrets didn’t say anything…
This one is just water, this one has several side-effects, and this stuff that comes from poppy plant seed pods…
Death: Is heroin!Fox: Am I getting detained, again?