When a cartoonist watches a prescription drug commercial, especially those for allergies, this is what happens.

Also what happens when you watch Italian videos like this(all lyrics are gibberish intended to sound like English).



Announcer: Try Prisencolinen Sinainciusol today. Side effects may include an itchy…
Ferret: This is a boring cartoon.

Announcer: …vomiting of Prisencolinen Sinainciusol, disorientation, talking to mirrors, dancing with mirrors…
Ferret: The pacing is slow, the comedy is weak, and there has yet to be any conflict.

Announcer: …visions of Santa Claus eating moose lasagna, talking to wolves, getting eaten by wolves…
Ferret: Absolutely no character development.

Announcer: Ask your veterinarian if Prisencolinen Sinainciusol is right for you.
Ferret: Drop an anvil, already!