Ferret Williams is the comic equivalent of a variety show starring a ferret. Most of the comics are based on things that have happened to me or in the world. Then occasionally there will be other features, like Ferrets Versus Lemmings.

Ferrets Versus Lemmings ran in 2012 as a sequel to Kenny Chronicles, which was a spin-off of Garrett’s Sketchbook. The comics featured Kenny, the black fox in those comics, and eventually his wife named Death. Kenny Chronicles ended with their marriage and Ferrets Versus Lemmings picked up 3 years after that. I migrated the Ferrets Versus Lemmings archive to this website.

At the beginning of 2013, I tried something new. Something that’s NOT set in the far future, and can actually be about things that happened recently. So far, it’s working out rather well. I also stopped doing 3D backgrounds because it just took so long(8-10 hours) that it wrecked my sleep schedule and they weren’t always needed for the joke, anyway. 3D backgrounds will still be used occasionally, but only in special features. I use the Blender 3D creation suite for my backgrounds currently. When I started using them midway through Kenny Chronicles, I was using Second Life for the 3D. I occasionally used Blender at other times(the first use of it being a snow man in a Christmas comic), but I didn’t start using it regularly until I built Ook Island toward the end of 2011.

There are various spots to begin reading, depending on how masochistic you are. Here are my recommended places to start, from latest to most archaic:

  • When Kenny met Death (recommended)
    • Starts July 2010, stays on this website. Even if you want to see the whole archive, start here so you get the best impression. The earlier comics are quite different.
  • Kenny Chronicles #66
    • Starts in October 2008, after I figured out what I was doing with Kenny Chronicles and long before 3D backgrounds. Starts on Kenny Chronicles website.
  • Beginning of Kenny Chronicles
    • Warning: I experimented with drawing a FULL MONTH of daily comics in one day. They weren’t very popular, proceed with caution. The color scheme was immediately unpopular, too, but they were already drawn.
  • Garrett’s Sketchbook
    • 2007, with some comics from 2000 and in between. I thought I buried this site? Click on “First” to start.
      Contains various ideas, and mirrors the Kenny Chronicles site for a while with slightly edited versions for milder language. You might notice that it uses the same background as this one. I decided that the drawing board background(made from my actual drawing table) would be rather appropriate here, and it still makes a nice background in general. In fact, I was already using it as my Twitter background, so I’ve practically always been using it.


ALSO, if you’re on Second Life, check out my theme park and store!