Kennyland - March2013

Kennyland CLOSED on April 25, 2012 and will not be returning. It opened on April 1, 2010 and was fun, but never worth the effort or cost.

I’m keeping this page as it was until I get the comic updating again, which could possibly be 2016 or 2017(written February 2016). I intend to revamp the website at that time, anyway.

Come visit the magnificent KENNYLAND on Second Life! Free to the public. Recently merged with my Furparcel theme park.

Spin around on the soups ride, go down the slide, run on the gerbil wheels, or just lounge on a Kenny towel(you can buy one, too!).

If you have Second Life, you can teleport there by clicking here. If you don’t have Second Life, you can either get it here, or view the gallery on Facebook. There’s also an old video of the comic coaster(ride since removed, because it was old & no longer represents the comic as it is now) on YouTube.

Second Life is a full-3D virtual world, so a fast computer is required(with broadband internet).

You can also visit my store on the Second Life Marketplace, which includes more virtual items not available in Kennyland. (Note from the future: THAT STORE IS STILL OPEN!)