I figure it’s about time I gave everybody an update on stuff, namely why there haven’t been many comics recently.
As you know, my hard drive died several months back. Well, I’ve finally built a new computer, designed specifically for rendering 3D quickly, and I tell ya, it truly is fast. I’m running Linux Mint on it, which is taking a while to settle into. My first impression of Linux Mint is… derivative. Really, it just seems like an imitation of Windows and Mac. It does render animations faster than them, but that’s the only benefit I’ve run into thus far. I bought Windows 8 anyway, but only plan to run it in a virtual machine for those few programs that I can’t run in Linux, plus for developing BlendShow for Windows.

That brings me to the second reason for fewer comics. I’m increasing focus on developing BlendShow, my presentation software based on the Blender game engine. I have a goal of using it for my church’s Christmas celebration on December 14th & 15th, but at the moment I’m not sure it’ll be ready. I’ve mostly been doing the development in my head and doing several tests within Blender. The only 2 versions I’ve compiled thus far were lost in the hard drive death and were based on old versions of Blender anyway, plus were basically me learning how to compile software. I hope to get an initial version compiled this week, but that has been the plan all this month. However, I’ve been extremely busy this month.

…which brings me to the third reason for fewer comics: my mom had a stroke in September. I’m now having to take care of her 24/7. It’s amazing how suddenly things like this happen. Up until the stroke, she’s been very able-bodied. Now I’m having to do the cooking, handle all the finances and make sure she doesn’t fall. This COULD give me more free time for coding, because I’ve had a horrible sleep schedule for years, very often sleeping for 12 hours or more, and now I have to be up when she’s up. However, the extra awake time is filled with other things. She IS improving and can do most things just fine, but this situation still keeps me busy. She’s been home one week now, and I’m still getting the house ready for her.
Also the dishwasher died.

I will try to do comics every now and then, but I really shouldn’t do any until after December 15th and until after all the obligatory Christmas gift-buying is out of the way.

Update(March 6, 2014): My mom is much more independent now. Speaking is still difficult and she can only use one hand, but she can take care of herself without falling, so time is gradually freeing up for me. My main focus now is catching up on finances and getting back to work on BlendShow, so the comic is still mostly on hold.