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Welcome to Wiki Deli, the restaurant where you can edit the menu.

Located inside the Ferret Williams comic, we strive to offer a wide variety of interesting choices for humans and anthropomorphic animals alike. If there's a food you want to see available in the comic, go ahead and add it! Please, food items only.

Note: If you're using a website translator, editing might not work.


[edit] Appetizers

Twinkie Cloud Cake Twinkie-weiner sandwiches[1]

Twinkies returned soon after marijuana became legal in Colorado.

Squirrel (Nut) Poppers [2]

Brushed with acorn flavoring.


Some kind of dumpling/bun. Our cook says it's delicious.

[edit] Party Appetizers

MunchyMann tower

a five story sculpture of various meats and cheeses painted with food coloring and stacked into a building shape.

Wrecked it dump

same as MunchyMann tower but in a pile with BBQ or Hot sauce in a center stump.

[edit] Entrees

All entrees are served with your choice of the chef's salad, baked potato, oatcakes, or beer.

[edit] Cooked meat

Mutt nuggets [4]

Frogger legs

Made fresh from live swamp frogs and may still be kicking on arrival

Chitlins (alternately known as "Chitterlings", or "Ugh Get That Away From Me")

Country-fried snake

Shredded shrew

Penguin patty

Moose lasagna

Less pork content than IKEA's recipe

Lemming Kabobs

Iguana Bits

[edit] Live prey

The health department restricts us to only serving this part of the menu to non-humans and in a separate "hunting" section.



(Please attempt to eat this entree BEFORE the health inspector arrives, thank you.)


(Please attempt to eat this entree BEFORE the health inspector arrives, thank you.)

Flies (No longer offered due to other customers complaining.)

Worms (No longer offered due to health inspector warning.)


small bowl of fresh meal worms. (Slips under Health inspector's radar because of delicacy status.)

Sea Urchins

served with delicious bourbon sauce and puncture-resistant gloves.

[edit] Vegetarian

Bamboo salad

Collard greens

Tatties and neeps (Clapshot)

Scottish dish consisting of mashed rutabaga and potatoes, topped with butter and chives. Goes well with oatcakes.

Eucalyptus leaves

Only able to be served on Mondays and Fridays (while supplies last)

[edit] Sandwiches

Condiments include ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions, thousand island dressing, catsup, relish, and peanut butter.

Cheese is extra. Choices include cheddar, American, Swiss, Mexican, Guatemalan, Queso Frito, Parmesan, goat, yak and mozzarella.

Chitlins on a bun

Sardine sandwich (with kelp fries)

Turtle salad sammich [5]

Brontosaurus burger

We've cloned it just so we can eat it, and it's DELICIOUS!

Beefbutter sandwich (Also available in hambutter)

Cultured meat created without killing any animals, spread on rye, wheat or sesame seed bun.

Steak Sandwich a la McAnally [6]

Swami Salami Sandwich

Make me one with everything.

[edit] Soups

All soups come with your choice of rhinoceros toast.

Cup O' Twerk

From Urban Dictionary[7]:
"I'm Russia a group of elderly men and women sit around a broken refrigerator. They all have a nice cup of warm twerk. The first one to finish gets another cup of twerk and the cycle keeps going on until the pot of twerk is gone. The person who gets the last bowl of twerk gets to use the bathroom first. This ritual is repeated every 2nd Sunday."
Example sentences:
Wanna go and get a nice cup of twerk?
Okay do you have the broken refrigerator?

[edit] Sides


Cause everybody loves gravy!

Potato soup

Potatoes of the third kind

A significant mound of mashed potatoes


Available for cats, dogs, and ferrets. No rat chow.


Goes well with tatties and neeps

Macaroni & Cheese & Pork & Beans

Invented by an employee who had tried our entire selection hundreds of times and had to try something different. The cheesy goodness of mac & cheese complements the bold flavor of pork & beans, or the other way around.

[edit] Beverages

Faygo brand soda pop[8] - free refills

Tired of the same drink selection at every single restaurant, but still want pop? We're the only restaurant with a Faygo soda fountain.
Available in Cola, Diet Cola, Black Cherry, Grape, Moon Mist, Peach, Redpop, Diet Redpop, Candy Apple, Rock & Rye, Cream Soda, Orange, Root Beer, Diet Root Beer, and Diet Chocolate Cream Pie.

Iced pumpkin juice

Harry Potter inspired? You be the judge.


Okay that one's blatantly obvious. Take one sip & you won't care.

Muddy water (cloudy red tea)


The alcoholic beverage that predates the apple-munching Little Pony.

Chocolate beer [9]

Warning: Please do not be offended if we say you cannot have this drink as we would only say it to any of you in the canine family. CHOCOLATE IS POISONOUS TO CANINES.

Pink Elephantasy Champagne

What'll I do? What'll I do? What an unusual view!

Boot Rear

It's a real kick in the pants.

[edit] Desserts

(Please, dogs remember that you cannot eat chocolate, we do not want another incident.)

Ice cream con queso[10]

Available in vanilla, chocolate(heed that warning above), and oats(popular with the ponies).

Bear Claw with Vanilla Ice Cream

By "vanilla", we mean "vanilla, chocolate or oats" ice cream

Apple Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream

The bronies wanted something with apples.

Apple Ice Cream

Because bronies.

Apple fritters

Because bronies.

Carob treats

Chocolate facsimile for canines and other chocolate intolerants. Comes in cream filled squares or a sauce. May cause digestive upset in large quanities.

Gummi prey

Gummi treats in shapes of birds, rats, marshmallow filled mice, and giant (two inch) ants. (Comes in a dozen of any combination of above.)
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