The death of my laptop’s hard drive forced me to make some hard decisions this weekend. Should I put the comic on hiatus? No, I have too many ideas written down and they’re just going to keep building up. I’ve decided to change my update schedule to “when the comic is finished”. Quite simply, I’ll still update the comics on Mondays and Thursdays, but only if I have a comic finished before midnight. If there’s no new comic before 1:00 AM in the Central Standard Time Zone on Mondays and Thursdays, there won’t be a comic that day. On the bright side, that means that you won’t have to wait for late comics(also I get some sleep). If you check the comic at sunrise and there’s no comic, you can be sure that there is simply no comic instead of waiting and waiting. No second guessing.

As you may have noticed, I can still create comics without that computer. I have 2 other computers available to use, but one is shared and the other needs some fixing(5 years old). The comic keeps me awake at night enough already and has never shown any profit. It is time that I stop treating this comic like it’s my job. I need to focus on earning enough money to replace that 4 year old laptop with a powerful desktop, as well as various living expenses that I’m behind on. Because of this, just replacing the hard drive won’t get me to change the schedule back. My new pet project is going to be the software I’m developing, and it actually stands a chance of making a profit. I’m not revealing what it is until I have something to show off, though. I am excited about this project. The comic, however, just has me sleep-deprived. Having no deadlines for the comic will help me actually enjoy creating the comics again.

Surprisingly this won’t affect my traffic at all, since I get fewer than 50 visitors per day and a few hundred people just get the comics sent directly to them. If you’re not subscribed, there are several ways to get subscribed:
Via email or an rss reader. If you’re on the Furaffinity or Inkbunny art-sharing sites, you can subscribe there. You can click the comic in my Second Life theme park, although that’s basically an email subscription anyway. There’s Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Google+, although updates are easily buried there.

And for more fun, I also run ICWutUDidThar.com which is still updating once daily for the foreseeable future because really, I’m mostly just reblogging things on Tumblr there. I have a decent queue of quick, funny posts.