crazy-furYeah, I’m putting a lot of work into this little bugger and after 2 days I only have the head built(the rest of the body is simple though). I’ve never built a character in 3D and I haven’t had much experience with adding fur, so this little character is quite a learning experience. While I don’t want to put “filler” into my archives, I decided to share this here anyway in lieu of regular comic updates. The finished version will be shared in a week or two.

To the right is an updated version after I figured out what was messing up the fur. This is not going to be the actual fur pattern, I’m sorry to say.
Obey the psychedelic squirrel.

Created in Blender.


Hi, I’m a squirrel, and my sole purpose in comics is to make nut jokes.

Text at bottom: Oh hi, here’s a little model I’m currently working on. -Garrett