It’s time once again for the Discovery Channel to make people scared of the beach and for people to notice that, hey, there’s a brand of helmet named LAZER! Actually that second thing can happen any time of year, and it most certainly did, whenever it was that I discovered that brand.

Hopefully this Shark Week comic works even if you’ve never seen Austin Powers, because people love talking about sharks with frickin’ lazers on their heads, but if you feel like you need the extra backstory, here’s the scene from Austin Powers that sparked this trend in supervillain home security:

The shark 3D model is freely downloadable from Blendswap. The helmet was created by me and does not resemble any helmets made by Lazer. Lazer helmets may or may not contain actual lazers.



Oh boy! My frickin’ lazer helmet is here!
[Rip, tear, chomp, open]

Lazer brand? It’s just the name of the BRAND?!