I shouldn’t have expected him to take the same path. Still, I was able to easily get him into his cat carrier and he got his yearly vaccinations yesterday.

In other news, my hard drive died and I don’t know yet what the status of future comics will be. We had a tornado warning while I was inking the comic, and when the clouds that COULD turn into a tornado got close, I shut down the computer to prevent a power outage from damaging files while I took shelter. After the clouds passed by without producing a tornado, I turned the computer back on, but it couldn’t start Windows. I haven’t even gotten it to boot from my SD card with Linux on it(I’m sure I did that before on that computer).

I finished the comic on my mom’s computer thanks to frequent online backups, including one right before shutting down. I COULD continue to do the comic on her computer, but I’d rather not continuously borrow it. There’s another laptop I could use, but it’s older than my computer & has its own problems. It’s 5 years old and mine is 4 years old.

I’ll have an update on Monday letting you know how things work out, but the simple fact is that I can’t afford a new hard drive(or my car payments at the moment) and I’d rather put my money toward a replacement computer anyway. Considering this comic doesn’t earn any money, a hiatus is more likely than putting too much effort into using a different computer. Maybe having no computer will force me to sleep at NIGHT and maybe fill my morning hours with a second job? Seriously, I work fewer than 20 hours per week, so I should be using my time more productively.

Also, I DO have backups of my files. However, it’s online backup. The backup service(Carbonite) doesn’t back up all file types, so I don’t know what files I will lose if I can’t recover them directly. Online backup should really only be considered a supplement to an external hard drive. Ideally, you should have at least 2 backups of everything. Thankfully I do have 2 backups(or more) of some things.



Zack: Whee!
Ferret: I’m gonna get you, Zack!

Ferret: Heh, he went right into his carrier. This will make it easy when I take him to the vet tomorrow.

The next day…
Zack: Whee!

Ferret: This is not how we rehearsed!